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Match Rate

For 2023 — with graduates matching into top programs across the nation, such as Harvard, John Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic.

New Jobs

For medical doctors between 2021 and 2031.

Source: Lightcast, 2022

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The College of Medicine provides a top medical education to lead patient care into the 21st century. Visit  to learn more.

“This college was designed to be a model of 21st-century medical education.”

— Alexander N. Cartwright, UCF president

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Expert Faculty

Our faculty and researchers are focused on solving the biggest problems facing humanity.

Biomedical sciences can uncover clues to how pathogens evolve, cause outbreaks and how to respond to these threats. At UCF, students learn from faculty like Salvador Almagro-Moreno to pursue novel discoveries and push intellectual boundaries.

Professor Salvador Almagro-Moreno

Protecting Public Health Around the World

Assistant Professor Salvador Almagro-Moreno studies the evolution of human pathogens to predict and prevent future pandemics.

Tyrel Garner

Because UCF is a newer school, I think it is primed to train up-and-coming physicians in the new world of medicine.”

Julia Vaizer

Julia Vaizer ’16MD

Doctorate in medicine

“I look forward to being at the track with these world-class doctors, therapists, and emergency workers, and also seeing our beloved athletes do what they do best.”

Vaizer is the first woman medical director for INDYCAR.

Darin Edwards

Darin Edwards ’97 ’10MS ’11PhD

Doctorate in biomedical sciences

“UCF provided me with the opportunity to explore broadly, enabling me to become the well-rounded person and scientist that I am today.”

Edwards is director of immunology at Moderna and led the company’s COVID-19 vaccine development.

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